Siding Or Window Project Consists of 50% Materials, 50% Workmanship.

Siding Or Window Project Consists of 50% Materials, 50% Workmanship.

Siding Or Window Project Consists of 50% Materials, 50% Workmanship. Siding Or Window Project Consists of 50% Materials, 50% Workmanship.


There are dozens and dozens of siding and windows out there. And choosing the right windows or siding for YOUR home and YOUR

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My Grandfather Was A Carpenter. My Father Was A Painter. All My Brothers Are In The Construction Business.

To Say Home Construction

Runs In My Blood Is An Understatement…

It Courses Through Every Vein, Artery, And Cell In My Body.

To Me, “Above & Beyond” Isn’t Just A Cute Slogan…

It’s The ONLY Way I Know How To Operate.


I opened Lotz Renovations in 1986 with a simple goal: To create a home building/remodeling company that always does the right thing, always performs superior work, and always has the customers’ best interests at heart. Frankly, when I look around, I see an industry lacking professionalism, accountability, and customer service. My grandfather was a carpenter and my father was a painter, and they taught me the only way to do something is to do it right.

I started this company with the goal of reversing the negative experience so many people have with home-improvement companies. We aren’t like other cookie-cutter contractors that show up late, perform second-rate work, and only care about their bottom line. I strongly believe companies like that need to get out this industry NOW, because they’re not in this business to genuinely help people.

My bedrock passion is to create stress-free, worry-free remodeling experience for my customer. That’s why we use only the best materials. And that’s why we have the reputation of being one of the most persnickety contractors in Illinois. I accept only the highest standards… from the time of the initial consultation until the last nail of your project is hammered.

Honestly, I don’t think my company is exceptional. Being honest? Being trustworthy? Having integrity? Performing high-quality work? To me, these should not be considered exceptional qualities—they should be part of every home builder and remodeler’s mode of operation. But sometimes it can be hard to find a contractor who truly excels in all of these areas. And that’s why I try to make Lotz Renovations the proverbial “needle in the contractor haystack.”

If you’re looking for a remodeler who treats you right, performs superior work, delivers spectacular value, and is upfront, honest, and sincere, contact us today. I would be honored to have the chance to provide you with a firm quote, earn your business, and deliver you a project the way my father and grandfather taught me—the right way.


Michael Lotz


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